Development History


   The company was launched.


   The company received an export and import license from the Ministry of Commerce, making itself among the first batch Beijing-based private businesses in the wake of the liberalization of the right to engage in export and import trade.


   Its sales exceeded 100 million yuan.


   With its own investment, the company created a hi-tech firm-Beijing Zhongyuan Lead Tech Ltd.


   The company became an import agent for virus strains used by flu vaccine producers across the nation.


   The company acquired Beijing Oriental Reagent Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


   The company was named a “gazelle enterprise” at Zhongguancun Science Park.


   The company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification.
   The company was rated by the customs authorities as a Class-A exporter.


   The company’s Tianjin branch was set up.
   With its own investment, the company launched LEE (BEIJING) INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS LTD. in the bonded area at Beijing Capital International Airport.


   The company’s Shanghai branch was set up.
   The company was rated by the customs authorities as a Class-AA exporter.


   Zhongyuan has been rated as a corporate taxpayer with Class-A reputation.


   Zhongyuan has acquired Guangzhou Biorule Biotech Co., Ltd. which became Zhongyuan’s Guangzhou Branch.
   Zhongyuan has entered into a strategic partnership with China National Biotech Group Company Ltd. (CNBG)


   SAP ERP successfully launched.


   It became a Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise.


   Shenyang Branch was established.
   It was included in the first batch of wider opening-up pilot enterprises in Beijing's service industry and was interviewed by CCTV.
   Strategic cooperation with Beijing Tianzhu Comprehensive Insurance District Management Committee.
   Listed as China Quality and Integrity Enterprise by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association.


   It established the Biotechnology Process Research Institute at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology Industry Platform.
   It established its subsidiary company—Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing)  Ltd. to provide complete and efficient import, storage and logistics services.


   Received the Beijing Customs "Decision on Continuing the Application of Advanced Certification Management" and obtained the Customs AEO Senior Certification again.


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