Foreign trade logistics

Zhongyuan Company, as the first public service platform for life science products certified by the government, has focused on its supply chain service in biochemistry for nearly two decades. In 2017, we established Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd., a office that can provide full-featured import and export, storage and logistics services. That year, the total import of life science related products exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars. Our corporate business and advantages:

1. Pre-consultation: We have a senior biochemical product import team for over 20 years. It is so familiar with import policies that it can provide professional advice to ensure the smooth operation of import business.
2. Compliance declaration: The company has developed a smooth communication channel with the Customs Classification Office to classify accurate tax numbers for imported products in advance so as to ensure that import declarations are legally compliant.
3. Pre-approval: There is a long-term business cooperation and policy communication with Beijing Customs. As a professional team, we can assist in the pre-approval of imports.
4. Rapid customs clearance: As a customs AEO advanced certification enterprise, we can enjoy rapid customs clearance and also the minimum customs inspection rate of within five-in-one-thousand chance.
5. Quarantine inspection: There is a remote inspection platform certified by the Beijing Customs and a high-risk inspection platform for special goods in the bonded area. So the inspection and inspection of imported goods can be quickly completed.
6. Storage services: Close to Beijing Capital Airport, there are 2,700 square meters of warehouses and 800 square meters of bonded storage area, which can meet the temperature control storage needs of different products, from 2-8 degrees, -20 degrees, 5-25 degrees, to -196 degrees—low temperature storage of liquid nitrogen. We also provide professional and high-efficient service by using WMS storage management system and code sweeping equipment to carry out the operation.
7. Professional logistics delivery: We have SGS certified packing solution for temperature sensitive products delivery, full-process medical cold chain solution, and provide delivery services of 8 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and so on. We can also achieve all lifelong tracing and monitoring to ensure the quality of temperature sensitive products transportation. We work to meet different customers’ needs and provide our one-stop service. We are unique because we are professional.
8. Bonded storage services:
 1) Ours bonded warehouse in Beijing Tianzhu Free trade Zone, offers duty-free order services for Chinese scientific research customers.
 2) Inventory management: The flexible trade methods in the bonded area can help achieve product integration and distribution to meet various business needs.
 3) Declaration of consol shipments to customs after release not only makes shipment release faster, but also helps customers to reduce import costs. Because it is never too late for customers to pay tax and duty for their imports in the following month.

 4) “Shipment allowed into bonded warehouse before customs declaration" business model can help customers solve the problems such as over or short delivery, and the shipment discrepancies in incorrect material numbers or specifications against shipping documents.  Headache problems in customs clearance are easy to be solved quickly here.
 5) Green channel of special biological good makes quarantine inspection and release of biological safety controlled products convenient and fast, saving both time and costs for customers.
 6) Some special imported goods which need to wait for special certificates from foreign countries before customs clearance can first enter the bonded area to operate. So customers do not need to worry about overdue customs reports, nor worry about the increasing airport customs supervision warehouse storage fees.
9. OMS Order Management System:
It provides order processing services for downstream distributors, accurate and complete business data reports for foreign investors, thus making the entire supply chain more orderly:
 1) Receive orders without time limitation;
 2) Online query of inventory and order status;
 3) With a strong batch order import function;
 4) Product promotion and order discount function.

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