Zhongyuan Company won the FY19 Annual Cooperation Happy Award of Bio-Techne Company

The FY20 Bio-Techne Agency Conference was held in Chengdu from June 26 to 28. Zhongyuan Company was invited to attend the agency meeting.

Zhongyuan Company has been working with Bio-Techne since 2008. After more than ten years of joint efforts, we have built a solid customer base and a well-developed sales network for Bio-Techhne products together. With strong professional support and perfect after-sales service system, Zhongyuan Company has also won the trust and support of many customers.       

Through sharing achievements and exchanging experiences, the conference determined the development direction of FY20 Bio-Techne brand and planned the strategic blueprint of Bio-Techne development, laying the foundation for further win-win cooperation.

Mr. Pei Liwen, Managing Director of Bio-Techne Greater China, made an opening speech, introduced the company's global and Chinese development history, strategic layout and main business of its sub-brands. He emphasized that Bio-Techne is an integrated brand, and expected to expand the market of IVD and other fields while maintaining the leading position of existing reagents. At the initiative of Mr. Pei Liwen, Bio-Techne and its agents reached the Chengdu Declaration to create a virtuous circle of harmony, fairness, mutual benefit.

Address by Mr. Pei Liwen, Managing Director of Bio-Techne Greater China

In recent years, with the recovery of the cell therapy industry, Bio-Techne has achieved astonishing growth and quickly seized the high-end market with its high-quality protein, antibody, multi-factor detection and other related products. Central Plains Company has achieved good sales targets in the past Bio-Techne FY19 fiscal year, and won the "Annual Cooperation Happy Award".

Zhongyuan Company was awarded Bio-Techne FY19 " Annual Cooperation Happy Award "

Mr. Ma Jixian, General Manager of Zhongyuan Company, delivered a speech of award-winning

In fiscal year 2020, Zhongyuan Company will continue to cooperate closely with Bio-tech to provide fast and comprehensive services for domestic users and boost the vigorous development of China's life science market. Work hard to establish a professional life science product service platform in China!


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